Monday, 10 December 2012

What To Do With A Load of Old Sticks...

Just a quick one today.   I've finished my wreath and although it's not what I had in mind, I love it even better I think.

Our friend brought over some random sticks and things from her mom's backyard and within all the stuff was these bendy little sticks she thought I could use. 

Building it was pretty easy. 

I started with a 12" wire wreath form I bought on ebay.  3 for £3.  Not bad.

Branch by branch I wired them to the frame, making sure they were all facing in the same direction.   Oh and it's easier if you wire them onto the backside of the frame.

Once that was done, I wired up loads of pine cones and attached them to the front of the frame, making sure to try and cover the wires holding the twigs on. 

Big tip:  when wiring the pine cones, leave two bits of wire hanging from the pine cone to twist together once on the frame rather than trying to wrap one long piece of wire around the frame.  It just doesn't work.... especially once you get loads of stuff on it.  

Anyway,  there it is.  

The beauty of doing stuff like this is.... it doesn't matter what you put on it really.  If you can attach it to a frame, you can make a wreath out of it.  

It doesn't have to be perfectly formed either.   

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