Friday, 16 March 2012

Who's Idea Was This or More Dust Than a Windy Day in The Sahara

I got a little bored peeling wallpaper and haven't had a chance to get the radiator off the wall so began sanding the walls.

Who's idea was this? Oh right. Mine.


Besides the fact there is now plaster and old glue dust EVERYWHERE, I just now realize I'm going to have to warm up the wallpaper steamer again soon.  Can you say "doh!"  (extra fine glue-y dust mixed with ultra fine steam-y mist....)

My first realization though, was why the hell am I doing this whilst suffering with a medium sized hangover. I must have killed the one brain cell which would have warned me this was a bad idea.

Nonetheless, the show last night was worth the headache I have today.

So, lacking the aforementioned brain cell, I tied our piggy tea towel around my face and started sanding. A good friend (and pro plasterer) gave me some tips last night. First, use a fine grit sandpaper. Second, don't spend too long sanding or you'll lose feeling in your arm. Third..... I can't remember Probably not that important.

On the first tip, i thought he was a bit mental. Logically, wouldn't starting with a heavier grit make faster work? Then you could go over it with a finer grit after? After trying both, turns out my logic was a bit... wrong.

Second tip, absolutely true.

Still can't remember the third one.

Let's move on to the dust. There's lots of it. Absolute mountains of it. Halfway through sanding, it did occur to me that the round black thing sticking out the back of the sander was not just a nice convenient handle. I'm actually supposed to attach a vacuum to it.

Most who know me, know I usually don't do what I'm supposed to do and in this case, I was no different. However, after noticing I (and everything else in the room was covered in dust, I thought I'd give it a try.

You know, I dont like it. Would you believe I dont like it because there isn't enough dust! Makes me think I'm not making any progress whatsoever.

Anyway, here's what I learned today.

1. Don't sand plaster until you've finished stripping the wallpaper. Although I will be ok if I do a thorough clean before stripping again (that sounds bad!)

2. Fine grit sandpaper

3. If you hold the sander at a slight angle, it removes the glue residue more effectively

4. Don't press too hard and little movements get the gunk off better. Finish with long straight strokes to make the surface more even

Here's the progress.  Before and after sanding.

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