Saturday, 17 March 2012

Plumbing Fail or I AM SHE-RA!

Today was radiator removal day.  I had been warned by Paul not to do it myself.... I think mainly because, like most regular people, things like plumbing and electrical are somewhat a mystery to us.  I guess that's why plumbers and electricians can get away with charging a fortune for their services.

Luckily (ha ha) for me, I have Google.  If some 16yr old in Ukraine can find out how to build a bomb or hack into NASA via Google, I'm pretty confident I can handle simple plumbing.   Can't be that hard, can it?

I did a little research beforehand.  Watched a radiator removal on YouTube and even sought instruction from a heating/air con guy I know.  (even spent two days with a radiator key in my pocket.... becoming one with the radiator.... ;o)

Things you need to remove a radiator.  Old rags or towels, wrench, radiator key, bucket and a small bowl.

Step 1:  turn off the thermostat valve (lefty loosey, righty tighty - thanks Catherine Willows from CSI!)  Or for people like me...  it's the valve on the same side as the bleed valve on the top of the rad.

Step 2:  loosen the large nut attached to the radiator and slide the bowl under the connection to catch the water.

Step 3:  open the bleed valve

Step 4:  let the rad drain as much as possible.

Step 5:  undo the other side in order to lift the rad off the wall.  And this is where it gets hairy...

Filled with confidence after getting this far, I took the wrench to the other nut and gave it a tug.  No movement.  Applied a little more force... nothing.  Although I did notice the pipe going into the other side was bending.  OH SH*T.   Then the paint flaked off....  D@MN IT!   Then the water started to drip....  @(*%_%£(&@!!&(!?

So I've bent the pipe and now it's leaking.  I am She-Ra!!  I can bend pipe dude!

Here's a general representation of the text I sent to my heating/air con friend.

"HELP!!!!!  Can you come over and help me please?"

Paul's gonna kill me.  Although he says he's not going to beat me first.

;-)  Pictures to follow.

Mother's Day in the UK tomorrow.  Am I the only one in the world who's looking forward to an entire day of uninterrupted DIY?  ... After the champagne breakfast in bed.

Night all!

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  1. You get mother's day, I get my birthday. Knowing both our men, I think you'll get the better day.