Tuesday, 13 March 2012


The stripping is going well.  For the most part, the paper is just falling off the wall.  I have most of the room down and almost all of the wall up the stairs.

I had slight fear that the dark spot at the top of the stairs was a patch of blown plaster which of course, would crumble and slide off the wall as soon as I applied pressure or heat to it.  

I got to the spot and did a little tap tap tap... holding firm....  applied the wallpaper steamer.... no walls sliding down the stairs.....  did some light scraping...  no groaning, cracking or crumbling.   Whew!   I guess the hollow sound was just a dead space behind the wall.

I just have a small bit of wallpaper still to come off around the kitchen door and some at the top of the wall where I can't reach.  I'm currently trying to come up with a list of really tall friends.

By the end of the afternoon, I was bored of wallpaper so I decided to pull up the carpet on the bottom step, just to see what was there.   Since I had to basically destroy the carpet to get underneath it, I kept on.  Removed the carpet, pulled up the underlay, pulled out all the staples, pulled out all the nails and sanded down the rough bits.   

Low and behold, lookee what I found!  

lovely hardwood stair treads!!

Guess I will be doing another blog on how to refinish harwood stairs!

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  1. Well I'm impressed! I once decided to redo the bathroom floor of the apt on roncy and ended up having to deal with 8 layers of previous flooring I caved in and ended up calling in a professional, who actually ended up making a bigger mess than I did!