Thursday, 19 April 2012

Finished the carpet, begin the painting!

It has been a couple weeks since I've done an entry.  Mainly this is because I haven't done a stitch of work on the hall in that time.

There's a couple reasons for this.   First, we have been debating on what to do with the ceiling.   As you may have noticed from the photos, there is some paper hanging from the area above the bottom of the stairs.  This is from a leak we had a while back after a particularly heavy rainstorm.  The problem is, this leak seems to have originated AGES ago even before Paul purchased the house.   We've had a look above the ceiling in the garage (where it's been leaking as well) and there seems to be a few attempts at fixing this.  Failed attempts apparently.    So, the debate is do we attempt to fix the leak again, which means repairing the bad plasterboard in the hallway ceiling, thereby destroying the (textured) paper on the ceiling leaving a bald patch, which means we will have to remove all of the ceiling paper, thereby incurring extra costs, time and mess....


Do we just get the glue out, paste the paper back into place and paint over it.... hopefully rectifying the leak at a later date.   "Later date" meaning "when we have more money."

The second reason for not working on the hallway is trying to find time and the courage to remove the old doorbell and light fixture from the wall to plug the holes and get a new light installed.

Courage because as with the plumbing.... electrical things are mostly a mystery to me and quite a bit scarier than plumbing.  With a plumbing fail, shit gets wet, you clean it up, it'll dry eventually.  With an electrical fail,  your house burns down.   I am convinced that will be the outcome every single time I do anything with lights, switches or anything else like that.

If that isn't enough to boggle the mind... here's where it gets interesting.  I didn't want to take the light out until we decided whether we were going for a new wall sconce or have a ceiling light installed.  Couldn't make the ceiling light decision until we made a decision about the leak.   And the leak decision would be made easier once we decided on whether we were going for wall light or ceiling light!  (only because we wouldn't want rainwater leaking into a ceiling light fixture)  AUGH!!!   Deadlock.

So I decided to paint.

Got most of the wall done up the stairs and did a first coat on the wood wall of the stairs.  Now there's another blog!  Don't get me started here!

I did actually remove the light fixture and old doorbell today anyway.  We'll make decisions later.  I just want to get these damn walls done!!

pictures will follow when it's daylight.

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