Tuesday, 24 July 2012

One tequila, Two tequila, Three Tequila... FLOOR!

YAY!  The floor has finally gone in.  In my head, this was the moment I was using as the symbolic ending point to all the hard work.   Once the floor was in, I was in nbthe home stretch.  Almost done.

In reality, I still have so much to do.

Nonetheless, the floor is in!  The floor is in!!  (can you see me dancing around, happily?)

The process was not without it's pitfalls and mini disappointments though.   The first one being the trim for the doorways didn't fit.  The transition between the solid hardwood and the linoleum of the kitchen and carpet of the other rooms was just too great.   There is a solid hardwood trim piece I should have bought which would have fit better.   Oh well...  it just means another trip to B&Q (Home Depot, for you Canadians) and you all know how I love going to B&Q, so no biggie.  =)

I suppose if I had chosen a laminate wood floor or even engineered wood, I might not have had that trouble.   Laminate and engineered is totally fine.... I just prefer real wood.  My dad always said I have a champagne taste with a beer budget.  (good thing I got the hardwood on sale, eh dad?)

The other disappointment was the finishing trim we bought.  It's just awful.  I was vaguely thinking that it might not work well since it's tiny and would be virtually impossible to get it around the door jams.   The other issue is because we made the decision to NOT rip out the baseboards, the floor butts up against the baseboard rather than fits underneath it.  Therefore, some sort of trim is absolutely required for a decent finish.

So my bad.    Live and learn, right?

Anyway,  it's there, it's terrible and the first chance I get, it will be ripped out.  The good news is that the flooring guy was spectacular and fit the floorboards so tight to the wall, there's a possibility all I will need is to just run a small bead of dark brown filler around the joints to finish it off.   I think that will work better anyway.

Here's the photos!!

Yay floor!!

Floor Day!!

It's 5AM and I'm wide awake.  Crazy?  yes.   Maybe it's just the excitement of the day which makes me unable to go back to sleep.  It's floor day!

The guys will be here at 8am (ish) to install the new hall floor and I can't wait!  Five months after I started, I am now getting close to the finish line.

Here are the before shots.

 Because I have no patience, once I cleaned out the hallway of paint cans and such, I just had to lay down a little bit of floor.

The floor looks black but it's actually coffee stained oak.

The spindles are almost done and stairs have begun.  I was initially very certain I wanted white stairs and now I'm not.  While the white does look very nice, it also shows every single speck of dust, dirt and fallen hair.  I don't think I can take it.   SO, the question is.... what colour to paint it??  I would probably keep the stair rises in white but what colour would you paint the treads??  I am open to suggestions.  Please! 

Are you wondering about that spot on the wall yet?  
I'm not surprised.  Everyone asks about that spot on the wall.  
Yes, it's staying there and no, not for the reasons you may be thinking

When I was testing paint colours,  I bought two shades of the same colour.  I brought both home, immediately got the paint brushes out and set to picking a colour.
Then, my little munchkin came in and wanted to help.  I handed her a paint brush and gave her the little tester pot of the lighter colour. 
She sat on the step and painted the wall with a gorgeous little abstract. 
She was so proud of herself. 
When I started painting the walls for real, she got quite upset.  

"Don't paint my spot Mummy"
"There's my picture, don't paint my spot"

So I haven't painted her spot.

Every time I get the paint out, she says "Don't paint my spot, Mummy".   So I'm not painting her spot.  At least until she's 6 or 7 and has gotten over it. 

I think I will put a frame around it.


So that's it... last day of walking on subfloor.  
Paul is now wondering how long it will take before I find a nice big rug to cover up the new floor.

He doesn't understand!! 

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

Long Time, No Talk! or Paint Fail.

There has been progress.  Really!  Slow progress but progress nonetheless.

Ready for the big reveal?  I've painted!!

I know it's hard to see the colour but it is called Gooseberry Fool 5 from Dulux at Homebase. (in case you're wondering).  It's a very soft green/gray colour which will look very green in some light and very gray under different light.  It's very calming.  In fact, when I was finished, I commented to Paul that I felt very calm walking into the house now, even with the chaos of paint cans, ladders and everyday living crap underfoot.

I have now finished three coats on all the walls which gives it such a depth of colour.  I love it!  I just have to get the trim done (Cream White by Crown paints) and then we will FINALLY be ready for the floor!

I have also finished two coats of primer paint on the stair spindles.  It looks SO GOOD!  It's such a change which has lightened up the whole area.

The area under the stair railings is also done in Gooseberry Fool 5 but in an oil based gloss.  

Now,  I don't know what the hell is going on in my head but for some reason, I've gone stupid when it comes to paint!!  I've never bought so much paint for one room in my life!!   And never made so many wrong purchases in my life!! 

First, the wall paint was fine.. no problems. 

The stairs.... another story.  I bought what I thought was a water based primer for the wood on the stairs.  The can said, base coat for interior wood and metal.  I SWEAR the can says you can use it under your emulsion paint colour.   Oh no... not the case. So then I had to go out and have a can of the wall colour mixed in oil based paint to do the stairs.  

Then I wanted a gorgeous off white for the trim and ceiling and upper coving.  Coving and ceiling needs water based paint, trim and baseboards need oil based.   So I have a LARGE can of water based "Cotton White" which I used on the ceiling and coving and I was going to use it on the stairs too.  (which is why I got the LARGE can)

Then I went to Homebase yesterday for a can of oil based white for the trim/baseboards.  I found a beautiful cream white which is for interior wood and metal in a semi-sheen.  I thought I scored since I hate gloss paint.  Bought it.  Brought it home.  It's WATER BASED!  ARGH!! 

Thank Christ I bought the smallest can.  

But now, since I love the colour so much.... I have to go back and get a LARGE can of it to do the upper coving and stairs.   Ugh.  

Paint cans in total?  
1)  5 litre tub of Polycell Base Coat for the walls
2)  5 litre can of Gooseberry Fool 5 (water based) for the walls
3)  5 litre can of Cotton White (water based) for the stair treads, coving and ceiling. 
4)  1/2 litre can of Gooseberry Fool 5 (oil based) for the wood wall on the staircase
5)  1/2 litre can of Cream White for the trim (which is water based but I need oil based) 
6)  1 litre can of Base Coat (oil) for the staircase and spindles. 

Oh and there's this one....  Impulse buy in the Clearance section of the store.  Haven't told Paul about it yet and I'm saving the photo of where it will go until it's finished.  (feel the sense of heightened anticipation... now!!) 

To give you an idea,  the can colour is the same as the paint colour on my walls.  

BUT WAIT!!  I'm not finished yet.  

I still have yet to buy.... 

1 litre of oil based Cream White for the trim and spindles
Another 1 or 2 litres of Cream White (water based) for the stair treads
1 can of clear lacquer for the stair treads 
1 can of this specialty clear rubberized topcoat so Paul and his size 13's don't slip on the painted stair treads and go ass over tea kettle.  (It was the only way he would let me paint the stairs rather than putting more carpet down)

I'm getting there.  

Hope to have the floor down by the end of July.