Tuesday, 24 July 2012

One tequila, Two tequila, Three Tequila... FLOOR!

YAY!  The floor has finally gone in.  In my head, this was the moment I was using as the symbolic ending point to all the hard work.   Once the floor was in, I was in nbthe home stretch.  Almost done.

In reality, I still have so much to do.

Nonetheless, the floor is in!  The floor is in!!  (can you see me dancing around, happily?)

The process was not without it's pitfalls and mini disappointments though.   The first one being the trim for the doorways didn't fit.  The transition between the solid hardwood and the linoleum of the kitchen and carpet of the other rooms was just too great.   There is a solid hardwood trim piece I should have bought which would have fit better.   Oh well...  it just means another trip to B&Q (Home Depot, for you Canadians) and you all know how I love going to B&Q, so no biggie.  =)

I suppose if I had chosen a laminate wood floor or even engineered wood, I might not have had that trouble.   Laminate and engineered is totally fine.... I just prefer real wood.  My dad always said I have a champagne taste with a beer budget.  (good thing I got the hardwood on sale, eh dad?)

The other disappointment was the finishing trim we bought.  It's just awful.  I was vaguely thinking that it might not work well since it's tiny and would be virtually impossible to get it around the door jams.   The other issue is because we made the decision to NOT rip out the baseboards, the floor butts up against the baseboard rather than fits underneath it.  Therefore, some sort of trim is absolutely required for a decent finish.

So my bad.    Live and learn, right?

Anyway,  it's there, it's terrible and the first chance I get, it will be ripped out.  The good news is that the flooring guy was spectacular and fit the floorboards so tight to the wall, there's a possibility all I will need is to just run a small bead of dark brown filler around the joints to finish it off.   I think that will work better anyway.

Here's the photos!!

Yay floor!!

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