Wednesday, 28 November 2012

More Sparkles! Or How To Force Yourself To Mop The Floor.

Two blogs in one night!  whooo hooo!!

This issue is on what to do when you have an ambitious plan to stick dozens of real cranberries to a foam cone and/or sphere.

Step 1:  Forget ambitious plan

Step 2:  Do something else which is easier and just as pretty.

I purchased a set of three thick paper cones for about £3.50 and thought I would hot glue some cranberries on them but once I got the cones, they seemed a little thin to actually get big berries on so hmmmm... *scratches chin*


Step 1:  Find a large-ish box
Step 2:  Lay large-ish box on side and put on the kitchen counter

Step 3:  Place 1 cone inside the box  (or all three!  What the hell... live dangerously!)
Step 4:  Spray cone with silver spray paint, let dry.
Step 5:  Spray with glue

Step 6:  Try to roll the cone into some epsom salts laid out on a paper plate
Step 7:  Swear  (the cone is too long for the plate)

Step 8:  Dump salt out on the counter because the glue is drying quickly!
Step 9:  Roll cone gently in the salt until it is completely covered, let dry.
Step 10:  Open the wine

Step 11:  Mop the kitchen floor because it's sticky as hell.  Aerosol glue does not stay in the box.

 They aren't grey.  It's my pitiful phone camera.

I've since repeated the gluing and rolling which has given the cones a more snowy finish.  Now just to find a suitable topper and we're done!   I'm thinking a big ole Malteaser on the top of each one...  what do you think?  

OH!  Top with a Ferrero Roche!!  OMG!  I'm a genius.  =) 

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