Saturday, 17 November 2012

Remember way back, when I started this blog... I did a profile write up that said something like I was either going to end up with fabulous projects or half-finished ones.   So far?  It's half-finished projects.

When I left off,  I was getting the floor installed.  The installation went well, I hate the trim but nonetheless, I moved in the hall stand and a plant.  It's actually pretty close to how I had imagined it before I started, which for me, is a miracle.  I usually change my mind so much along the way, I'm  miles away from the original vision by the end.  

I've also finished ripping the carpet off the stairs as well.  Nothing else... just got the carpet off.   

So that is where I left off.   There hasn't been more than a small picture put up.  

That is until yesterday.   Yes people... we have LIGHT!  YAY!!   The wall light that Paul bought for me LAST Christmas was finally installed and it's beeee-yoooo-tiful! 

Here you go.....      

Now.  Don't get all excited.  I'm not doing any more decorating until after Christmas.  

Until then,  I am busy making Christmas decorations!   More later.... 

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